Bella Mini Lamp

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Feminine and fun, the Bella table lamp showcases a single-cast glass flower under an opal-white glass globe. The natural brass finish adds a warm ambiance to the room. Place this petite lamp in a bedroom or office for ultimate flower power.

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Past Meets Present

From the flowing, natural lines and floral motifs of the turn of the century arts and crafts movement to the skyscraper- inspired geometric patterns of 1920's art deco, Regina Andrew takes these historical references and weaves them into new yet timeless home décor pieces.

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A Touch of Whimsy

Eclectic, whimsical and inspiring. We’ve put together a selection of lighting and decor pieces that have a certain “soul”. Enriching the spaces that they adorn with joy and fanciful appeal. Whether you’re looking for a dandelion-inspired chandelier, glowing galaxy mirror or fluffy feathered lamp, this is the place to find the perfect eclectic home decor gem.

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