Bubbles Chandelier

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The Bubbles Chandelier is a true masterpiece of modern design that blends whimsy and sophistication. With a brushed nickel frame, it provides the perfect contrast to the cluster of hand-blown glass globes that seem to float in mid-air. Each globe of this Bubbles Chandelier is a unique work of art, capturing the beauty and delicacy of an ice sculpture. The result is a mesmerizing effect that casts a warm, inviting glow and transforms any room into a romantic oasis.

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Lighter Than Air

This year, stay on point by playing with the duality of absence and presence via clever material choices. There is a barely-there feel to these objects within the space, creating an ethereal, floating effect.

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A Touch of Whimsy

Eclectic, whimsical and inspiring. We’ve put together a selection of lighting and decor pieces that have a certain “soul”. Enriching the spaces that they adorn with joy and fanciful appeal. Whether you’re looking for a dandelion-inspired chandelier, glowing galaxy mirror or fluffy feathered lamp, this is the place to find the perfect eclectic home decor gem.

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