Emil Sculpture

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Modern and industrial, this sculptural piece of decor has been fashioned from metal and finished in brass to give an extra layer of interest and dimension. Showcasing both angular and curved edges, place on a tabletop, desk, etagere, or another display area for a pop of contemporary interest.

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Less is More

The notion of minimalism is catching on in today’s society, not only aesthetically, but in mindset and daily living. The beauty of minimalism is that it puts great emphasis on the most meaningful elements. A delicate balance emerges from the negative, uncluttered spaces. An air of freedom emerges from removing what’s not necessary, and joy is sparked from what is.

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French Deco

PARIS, FRANCE: The unparalleled beauty of the French capital has been both the home and inspiration to famous artists, writers, and personalities for hundreds of years. It is undoubtedly a mecca for art and fashion. The style of French Deco, which was popularized in modern history, aligns perfectly with Regina Andrew’s current aesthetic exploration. Transport yourself across the ocean and relish in the City of Light with RAD’s sleek lines, restrained use of color and luxurious finishes.

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