Color Theory

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August 22, 2022 at 4:29:05 PM PDT August 22, 2022 at 4:29:05 PM PDTnd, August 22, 2022 at 4:29:05 PM PDT

Color Theory

Discover RAD’s Tried & True Home Interior Color Choices
We often get asked what the wall or cabinetry colors are in our inhouse photography – and now, we’ve pooled together our a first round up (there are many more!) of favorite shades to share with all of you! At Regina Andrew, we understand how difficult it can be to land that perfect color, so we’re here to offer our tried and true hues. Let’s get to it!

Shown: The Cheyanne Antler Chandelier looks incredible framed by salvaged antique doors.
This unique wall color, Spalding Gray by Sherwin Williams is so much more interesting than a typical neutral – it is one of those colors that has such incredible depth. Both warm and cool, this quasi-grey has lavender hues that can make a grand space feel right at home.

Here the white Sail Chandelier can really sing as the contrast between it and the hall painted in Inkwell by Sherwin Williams is a stunning blue-black. If you’re searching for a true black paint, our go-to is Black Magic by Sherwin Williams.

Also featured in this image is the Bimini Clam and our Piper Chair. The wall color in the living room is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.


We know how hard it is to land the perfect white paint which we’ve discovered to be *drumroll please* Simply White by Benjamin Moore! It has been a perennial favorite as it is both bright and cheery with a touch of warmth (without appearing yellow).

Simply White tends to stay very consistent among different rooms and different light qualities, within the same house – something that surprisingly can be really difficult to find.


Accent walls, cabinetry and paneling are a great way to introduce color into your home. Here, Potted Shrimp by Farrow & Ball takes center stage. Warm, neutral and feminine – we love both the color and Farrow & Ball’s extreme high gloss finish option.

Featured: The Jillian Alabaster Table Lamp

Our favorite colors tend to have multiple tones, which can appear different depending on the home, daylight or fixture choices. Make sure you test your paint choices before committing!